Our Member Spotlight for May is one of our newer members, Bill Johnson! Welcome, Bill and thanks for being a Member Spotlight!

Bill is married to his wife, Astrid and they have 4 children, 3 daughters and one son (thankfully, says Bill)!

He is a Commercial airline pilot, but likes to say, “Surfing is my occupation, aviation is my profession”.

Bill was born in Stamford Connecticut, grew up in South Florida, went to school and met my wife in Atlanta.

His 1st BMW and one of his current BMW: 05′ 330ci and a 2015 335i wife’s daily driver.

Bill has not had an opportunity to enjoy any track time yet, but given his profession and hobbies, I guess it won’t be long before he gives it a shot!

He joined Sunshine Bimmers in 2015, he loves surfing, travel, being with friends and home improvement projects.

Bill’s personal Motto: “If you want it done right, learn how to do it yourself”.

Quick bio:
“I consider myself a newbie to BMW’s but not to working on cars. Since I can remember, I’ve always been taking things apart to see how they work. In Highschool I bought a 1968 GTO (back when they were cheap) and ended up rebuilding the engine, enjoying the car for a few years, but ended up selling it right before College and Flight Training. Fast forward through the years of working, raising a family, and commuting for two airlines, the urge for a fun car that I could tinker on was finally satisfied when I was awarded a position at our Orlando base and needed a car to handle the 120 plus miles round trip. I’ve always loved the e46 for its looks and in 2015 found a coupe for sale and since then I’ve dusted off my wrenching skills and pretty much refreshed the entire car and had a blast doing so. Recently, we upgraded my wife’s daily driver/ family car for a 2015 335i M Sport. Being a California girl who had owned a 76′ 2002, she couldn’t be happier being back in a BMW. (I actually got booted out of our one car garage)! In the future, my wife and I be looking at aane92 for our daughter which would be 3 generations of 3 series, followed by my dream car, an e39 M5. But first, we need to add to our garage and try to find more parking!”
He is looking forward to meeting members!

He is looking forward to meeting members!