Sunshine Bimmers Digital Calendar Consideration For 2021

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This has been a difficult time for all of us. As a Board we have a desire to hold an event for our members that is safe. This is not easy to do. Yes, we can require masks and social distancing but these rules are difficult to enforce.

We have viewed photos of other events where attendees are not waring masks and not social distancing and we don’t want to be placed in the position of being the enforcement police!

So we have developed an idea which we hope you will embrace.

We are considering a Sunshine Bimmers digital calendar for 2021 which we hope will be a much better year. 

We are requesting you send us a photo of your car . . . don’t worry if your car is not show quality car or a beater our intention is to have 13 cars for months one for each month and then a collage of as many other cars submitted included on the back cover.

Our being able to accomplish this is completely dependent on you our members co-operation.  We need YOU to submit a high-resolution photo of your car. 

In addition, if you have a unique license plate please submit a separate photo of that as well.

We are short on time so please submit your photo’s no later than November 16th

You can submit your submission to Robert Ziegler at

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BMW INVASION will be hosting the next Invasion in Melbourne FL
6103 Stadium Pkwy Melbourne, FL 32940

We understand that Central Florida has some of the top builds and we want to showcase them in our next “Movie”.

This event will bring all BMW fanatics all across the Sunshine State to a central location. Additionally, we have other BMW fanatics driving in from other locations.

We at BMW INVASION will continue to bring you along the planning process in our “Behind the Scenes” YouTube series.

At this INVASION we will be accompanied by various sponsors and local businesses to showcase some of the best products and services for your BMW.

Trophies will be given to top show cars. Show car inscription $25.00 and general parking will be $5.00

Food vendors will be on site. Our social media team will be documenting this event entirely with video and photography

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